2018 Presenters

Theatre Intensive: Lana O'Brien

Henry V, Shakespeare, and War

This year's acting intensive will focus on Henry V and, in particular, Shakespeare's themes in this play about whether warfare is a justifiable action, or not. Teacher nominated acting students will explore the text using a variety of entry points with the goal of creating an authentic and polished 'work in progress' performance for the Gala Showcase.

Photography Intensive:Morten Byskov

Photo and Post-Production Hands-On

For the Goodwill Shakespeare Festival my goal is to share experiences with students and give insight to composition choices, purpose and storytelling. We will discuss camera system choices and editing options. The students will learn how to capture stage performances and actors portraits. We will venture out in Vernon and try our hand at street photography. This will be a hands-on intensive where the goal is to put theory into action right away during the festival. Bring your camera of choice and laptop or tablet for editing with your preferred editing software ready to roll.

Vocal Intensive: Brian Tate

SongGroove: Rhythms of the World

Back by popular demand for his 7th year, Brian will lead the incredible, and always inspiring, Goodwill Shakespeare Festival choir in a collection of world, pop, and brand new music written and arranged for this special choir. The choral intensive is always the highlight performance of the Gala Showcase, as Brian truly makes magic in the short time he has to work with these singers.

Writing Intensive: Keyanna Burgher

Workshop details TBA

Drama strand: Nitasha Rajoo

Othello and The Green Eyed Monster
Jealousy! Love! Deception! Reputation!

Jealousy! Love! Deception! Reputation! Join us as we explore the deeper levels and themes of Shakespeare's tragedy – Othello. Practical activities using methods from the Royal Shakespeare Company and Frantic Assembly (UK), will allow students the opportunity to engage, understand and appreciate the character relationships of this well-known play. 'I am not what I am'( Iago Act 1, Scene 1) . We will discover who the REAL puppet master is, how the handkerchief played a symbolic role, and how true friendships were unraveled. Energy, effort and enthusiasm needed for this very active workshop. Prior knowledge of play useful but definitely not required!

Drama strand: Catherine Haggquist

Workshop TBA

The recipient of the 2008 Women in Film and Television Vancouver's Special Jury Award, Catherine Lough Haggquist is also very proud to have been named as the Union of BC Performers' 2013 International Women's Day Honoree. In addition to her acting and the operating of Biz Books, Haggquist enjoys teaching actors career planning, business structure and audition technique at SchoolCreative Institute of the Arts.

Drama strand: Alan Marriot

Workshop TBA

Alongside his voice over career Alan is very active as a visual and stage actor, particularly when it comes to improv comedy where he has appeared in and created many shows including , Theatresports, Hamlet Improvised, the Impro Musical, Impro lab – Alliances, Impropera, Suspect – the improvised murder mystery, South of the River – with Jeremy Hardy, Christmas Queen, Science!, Men in Suits – improv Mamet, Improv Twilight Zone, Showstopper - the 2010 Hong Kong tour, and a six year run of Friday Night Live. Alan currently teaches at School Creative in Vancouver where he has been department head for the Comedy Conservatory program for the past three years.

Drama Strand: Mik Byskov

Workshop TBA

Drama strand: Simone and Jens Goerner

Work shop: TBA

Drama strand: Chloe Richardson

Chloe's workshop is a unique blend of movement and play. Guiding each student/teacher through a class of movement inspired by ourselves and those around us to gain an energizing and present connection to our bodies. Each class is a variation from the beginning to the end. Chloe's process is a dynamic, contrasting, and collaborative achievement created in a safe and conscious environment designed to establish learning.

Drama strand: Gabriel Newman

Devised Theatre and Collaborative Creation

This workshop will focus on how to collectively create your own original pieces of theatre. Combining writing, improvisation, movement, and the unique skills each participant brings to the process, this workshop will take you through the process of creating your own performance pieces. Be prepared to participate and create!