2017 Presenters

Theatre Intensive: Tanya Laing-Gahr

Much Ado About Nothing

Using text from various sources, the participants of the Theatre Intensive will create a brief, unique piece of theatre - a Shakespearean collage. Involving elements of text, movement, and music, the ensemble will create their one-of-a-kind Shakespearean experience! Familiarity with the text and some memorization will be expected by the time you arrive at the festival.

Participation is limited to 20 students, who must be recommended by their Drama Teacher.

Makeup Intensive: Gordon Hamilton

This make-up intensive is designed for middle and secondary students. In this intensive you will learn some basic to advanced make-up techniques: Trauma/ Special Effects - wounds, bruises, burns, blood, nose/scar wax. Be prepared for a whole lot of fun and discover how you can introduce these techniques to your friends.

Music Intensive: Brian Tate

Come and sing and move to they rhythms of Mew Orleans, Gospel, Africa and more! There will also be opportunities to learn and try our soloing. There is no previous experience or music reading required - just a desire to sing and have fun.

Writing Intensive: Keyanna Burgher

Storytelling for Fame and Profit

Everyone is a writer - the key is finding your voice. This program is designed to help writers find confidence in their own voice and give them a toolkit to write successfully. DAY 1 will include short lectures on the basics of writing, fun writing prompts and group activities. DAY 2 will focus on generating ideas, learning how to write for a specific audience/reader, and focusing on a specific project. DAY 3 will include workshopping each other's work and developing plans for future projects. If there is interest, the final workshop could also include information on how to publish, and tips and tricks on navigating the publishing world.

Art Intensive: Kayleigh Mace

The Shakesfest ART INTENSIVE will have students delving into a creative headspace where intuitive mark-making and play are fused with skill building and process-based work. Students will explore many different methods of making their MARK using a variety of applications. We will explore the elements and principles of design with a focus on learning new and exciting methods of mark-making. We will look to create work that is spontaneous, collaborative, and full of energy. Students will work with many different mediums including charcoal, ink, pen/ pencil, watercolour, and acrylic. Weather permitting, we will also look to produce site-specific environmental outdoor sculpture and will explore collaborative art practices as a group.

Drama strand: Mike Panian

Pick up your sword and fight!

Stage fighters have to understand what it is that they are trying to imitate if they are going to be convincing. It is no surprise that many seasoned special effects fighters are also real martial artists. In this workshop you will learn about the emotional content of real fights, what real techniques look and feel like, how people under stress act in a fight, and some basics for creating armed and unarmed fight scenes. Swords will be involved!

Drama strand: Mik Byskov

Building a Character through Movement

How do you build a strong character? Specifics, specifics, specifics. The more choices you make, the more defined your character becomes. It's in the way you speak, but it's also in the way you move. In this workshop we'll be learning a "vocabulary" of movement terms to help define, and create strong characters with a distinct body language.

Drama strand: Catherine Lough Haggquist

Audition for TV/Film

Drama Strand: Alan Marriott


Drama strand: Tim Osborne

Music and Mood: An improvisational creative writing & composition symposium

Drama strand: City Dance Team

Swing Dance and Cha Cha Cha

Drama strand: Chloe Richardson

Movement and Play

Chloe's workshop is a unique blend of movement and play. She has created a conscious environment that guides each student/teacher through a class of movement inspired by ourselves and those around us to gain an energizing and present connection to our bodies. Each class is a variation from the beginning to the end.

Drama strand: Bob Kingsmill

Clay mask making

Students will be led through the process of creating a one-of-a-kind mask out of clay. There will be a focus on basic techniques such as hand building, carving, and additive and subtractive processes. Students will create pieces of art that show an extraordinary variety of expression, while learning what shapes and applications can be utilized to produce a mask with energy and character.