Past Presenters

Theatre Intensive: Mike Stack

A Shakespearean Collage

Using text from various sources, the participants of the Theatre Intensive will create a brief, unique piece of theatre - a Shakespearean collage. The script itself will be decided on in collaboration with the participants, and will involve elements of text, movement, music and any other talents which our young thespians have to offer. Participants will be required to be in touch with the Workshop Leader prior to the festival, to share their ideas and to help determine the text to be used in the script. Some memorization will be expected by the time you arrive at the festival. Participation is limited to 20 students who must be recommended by their Drama Teacher. Recommendations can be submitted to Mike Stack:

Film Intensive: Doug Brown

The Dramatic Short Film

Over the course of the three days the participants will learn the basics of television story-telling. Using the events taking place at the Festival, they will plan, shoot, write and edit feature style stories that will portray the scope of the wide variety of courses and of the diverse personalities taking part.

Vocal Intensive: Brian Tate

SongGroove: Rhythms of the World

Students will be learning a variety of rhythms and grooves with songs from around the world including songs from Africa, The Caribbean, Australia, BC First Nations, and gospel. There will be opportunities for soloists and extra percussion. No previous experience required - bring your voice, body, and spirit!

Writing Intensive: Jeff Topham

Your Award-Winning Life Story

Ryan Gosling's housekeeper once said, "the only difference between a boring life and an exciting one is how you tell your story." Well, maybe it wasn't his housekeeper, but hey, there's Lesson #1: Don't let the facts get in the way of the story. In this awesome workshop that mixes writing, photography and documentary film, we'll examine what makes a good story - and then figure out how to tell'em real good. (*Bring a pen, a notebook, and a camera of some sort.)

Art Intensive: Rose Cowles

Who ART Thou? ? The Art of Playful Portraiture

A creative and whimsical approach to the art of portrait painting and creating. Be prepared to laugh, explore and get a bit messy using a variety of art mediums and techniques on various sized backdrops. Each day will bring it's own unique challenges and exercises. At the end of three days each student will have a small collection of portraits for display and take home. A "just for fun" BONUS session will be offered to build sock monkey characters either at the start or end of the weekend. Kits will be provided along with a variety of materials to help individualize each monkey to it's maker. Digital photos of all artwork completed can be provided and sent to a home email address.

Drama strand: Paul Budra

How To Write A Shakespeare Play

The first audiences of William Shakespeare's plays had certain expectations when they paid their penny to enter the theatre. If the play they were watching was a tragedy, they expected to see a great man fall from glory. If it was a comedy, they expected to see two young people trying to get married. Shakespeare toyed with those expectations, and we miss a great deal of what is interesting in his plays if we do not understand the genre conventions that he and his audience assumed. In this class we're going to discuss the four major dramatic genres that Shakespeare used and the story lines and characters that were associated with those genres. Then, with the help of some dice and charts, we will come up with our own "Shakespeare" play.

Drama strand: Allison Rennie

Private Moment, Public Place

What makes you a writer? You actually write. And write. And write. Share your writing. Write some more. In this workshop you will engage in writing exercises that play with language, meter, and the content of life. Come ready to breathe, move your body, and write what matters, what's true, and what's real.

Drama strand: Karen Elgersma

How to be successful in television:
An interactive performance workshop on how to report/host/talk/voice for television

Learn how to talk, present, interact and host in front of a TV camera. In this hands-on interactive workshop, we will have students put together a mock TV Talk show. Students will take turns being the host and being the guest and learn how to talk to the camera, how to be natural, how to channel their energy, how to conduct an interview and the basics of TV. The students will have fun pretending to be news anchors, TV reporters, entertainment personalities, and talk show hosts. Come prepare to have lots of fun and learn the secrets to being a natural in front of a TV camera!

Drama Strand: Jason Clift

Workshop TBA

Drama strand: Julie McIsaac


Get out of your head, and into your body! Allow the text to drop in and resonate within you, then emerge with greater power, sense and beauty. We are planning, thinking beings - but housed within a breathing, moving, ever-responding body. In this dynamic workshop, we'll explore rehearsal techniques that drop you into Shakespeare's text, breath and body first. With this emphasis on embodied experience, we'll move, play, and invite our bodies to discover the vibrant humanity thrumming beneath Shakespeare's verse. You will feel newly alive and present within the scene, and discover great new ways of truly embodying your text and character.

Drama strand: Ashlie Atkinson

Musical Theatre Song and Dance

This course is based on the styles created and performed in the contemporary musical theatre repertoire. Emphasis is given on refining the styles of song,acting,and dance combined and performing with precision and accuracy.

  • Objectives:
  • Have a better understanding of Broadway styles
  • Learn techniques to properly execute all three song,act,dance disciplines at once
  • Be able to perform the variation taught
  • Have Fun while doing all of the above!

Drama strand: David Kopp

Writing and Performing Stand Up Comedy

This workshop is designed as a low pressure introduction to stand up comedy. Participants will be encouraged to draw from their own opinions and perspectives to create and perform an original routine.

Drama strand: VJ Delos-Reyes

Winning ways with improv

You will learn new and imaginative techniques to develop and practice your improv skills. This workshop is fun filled and active!!

Drama strand: Bobby Bovenzi

"Much Ado About Drumming"

The scene is set for a park celebration of drum, dance and song! The rhythms and movements taught in the session are used to achieve both courteous decorum, on the one hand, and impulsive energies on the other, similar to the energies of the play. Participants select sections to learn from drumming, dancing and singing for a Saturday afternoon park JAM! Come prepared to challenge yourself, leap outside the box, and have fun contributing your part in the celebration!