Theatre has the power to transform lives.


This festival provides secondary school students with the opportunity to meet and learn from a variety of internationally acclaimed actors, musicians, and artists.  The Festival brings world class performers, such as Baba Brinkman, Holly Adams, Aldo Billingslea, Bobby Bovenzi and many others to the festival.

Nearly 350 students and their teachers attend the Goodwill Shakespeare Festival ready to be involved in one of the richest possible learning experiences. Although "Shakefest" (as the students like to call it) focuses on Shakespeare, it covers an array of subjects such as theatre, art, TV and Video, vocal, writing, improvisation, costume design, set design, acting, makeup and directing. By participating in these workshops and learning about the theatrical process the students experience the transformative power of theatre and the arts.

Throughout the festival students will act, sing, design, write and connect with others from around the province. It is hoped that they will be inspired to take their passion for the arts in all its varied forms and share it with others so that they will see the value of the arts in their lives.